Ombre B21 Hair Attachment – Long Lasting, Reusuable (3 Pieces)

£45.00 £42.00


This Ombre hair attachment also referred to as an extension is one of the most in-demand hair extensions currently.  Ombre has proven to be colourful, longlasting, reusuable and gives you that standout look you’ve always desired. To do Cornrows you’ll need between 3 to 5 pieces. Box braids would require alot more than that of Cornrows but would rest alot on how full your hair is and how full you want the hair to be. It is advisable to buy between 5pieces to 8pieces. It will also depend on your finances.
Ombre attachments are reusable and can be curled and that is an added advantage. It comes in 100grams which are 24inches long. They are highly in demand and we will highly recommend them for you. The Ombre attachments also come in several colour tones ranging from A to D. While some are a single tone, others are 2 tones, some are 3 tones and there are 4 and 5 tones also available.
If you plan to slay effortlessly this season, then ombre hair is your best bet.


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